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Specialty Services

Specialty Services

At SMTC our customers are our number one priority. With our expert engineers and manufacturing processes, we are able to take customers specific, complex electronics needs and turn them into a reality.

In addition to our extensive environmental and performance testing, we have a variety of manufacturing capabilities. SMTC offers a Clean Room environment for medical products assembly and In-Plant Stores capabilities for rapid component management solutions.

Regardless of your special manufacturing request, SMTC takes extra time and care to provide the exact end-to-end solution for your specific needs.

Developed specifically for low-mid volume, mid-high mix electronic manufacturing, SMTC's clean room provides a production environment with minimal pollutants, ensuring that sensitive electronics are not harmed during the final assembly process.

Clean Room Capabilities:

  • Class 10,000 & 100 (particles per million) environments
  • ISO 9001:2015; ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 registered facility
  • FDA Registered (Melbourne Facility has a registered device for FDA)
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), and the Quality System Regulations (QSR) compliance
  • Complete supply chain management including engineering development
  • Full range of value-added secondary services
  • A full host of standard and highly engineered resins
  • Statistical process control on all medical products

SMTC Sites with Clean Rooms:

  • Chihuahua, Mexico
  • Melbourne, USA

SMTC has partnered with our key Electronic Component Distribution and has implemented In-Plant Stores (IPS). These are operated by the distribution partners and all material sourced with them are pipelined through the stores. The inventory is owned and managed by the on-site distributors. SMTC initiates a pull from the store once the product is scheduled to be built (24 hours before build date). SMTC takes ownership of the inventory when the pull has been transacted.

In-Plant Store Benefits:

Lower Risk Profile

  • Inventory ownership window substantially reduced (72 hour pull window)
  • Avoids build up of a large number of line items
  • On site distributor staff speedy communication and execution
  • Reduced waste and inventory shrinkage


  • Ability to dynamically scale to demand changes and mix changes
  • Maximizes leverage of world class inventory management systems


  • Two to four weeks of product resides at our physical location
  • Increased velocity on order cycle time
  • Product is more secure than electronically bonded inventory at a centralized warehouse

SMTC Sites with In-Plant Stores:

  • Chihuahua, Mexico
  • Melbourne, USA