The world of electronics is ever changing. Devices are getting smaller, digital and RF speeds are faster, memories store more data, power efficiencies are improving, and while the smaller parts seem to be disappearing; the need for test and validation is not. Functional circuit testing (FCT) is here to stay.

SMTC’s customers count on our test implementations to ensure their products are delivered error free and will remain reliable over their life cycle. FCT stimulates the customer’s circuit elements in an effort to simulate the actual electronic conditions they are designed to work within.

FCT is usually performed very late in the manufacturing and system validation process. Unless stress screening and/or tests designed to uncover latent defects are part of the test strategy, FCT is usually near the end of any production process.

Functional testing can take on many forms of implementation ranging from highly manual tasks (hands-on) to fully automated test sets. Fully automated tests will use specially designed hardware and software which steps the system through a specific sequence of functions in an attempt to isolate any existing defects. Properly written test software will allow for a very reliable and repeatable test, and also allows for diagnostic information and functions to aid in troubleshooting and repair activities.

The SMTC Test Engineering team is able to work with inherited functional tests, collaborate with clients to optimize test scenarios, or develop FCT from a statement of work or Test Requirements document if required. Let us know how we can help.