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Global Supply Chain Management

Global Supply Chain Management

Our customers rely on SMTC’s core processes and capabilities to drive the success of their supply chains.

Our Supply Chain organization is led by seasoned materials professionals who are committed to providing our customers with world-class service. Through our strategic supplier relationships, tactical execution, and advanced systems, we provide a full range of supply chain solutions that meet or exceed our customers' expectations.

Each supply chain solution we deliver is tailored to address each customer’s unique requirements, while our SMTC operating model recognizes all relevant OEM-to-EMS integration points.

SMTC’s integration framework is based on world-class service levels and core processes, customer-focused supply chain design, and a passion to succeed.

Supply Chain Management Critical Success Factors:

  • Innovation
  • Time to Market
  • Cost, Quality and Delivery
  • Comprehensive Supply Chain Services
  • Flexibility, Speed and Agility
  • Liability Management
  • Visibility

Effective demand management optimizes materials availability, supply base performance and overall liability management. At SMTC, we recognize the need to deploy people, processes and technology, as well as extensive customer communication and visibility, to ensure effective demand management execution.


  • Customer focused Program Coordinator (PC)
  • Customer focused Supply Chain Managers
  • Central team to support systems, tools and processes


  • SMTC MPS demand change process
  • Demand simulation and constraint analysis toolset
  • Demand change impact statements
  • Inventory and supply base liabilities dashboard


  • Kinaxis Rapid Response
  • Oracle Agile Product Lifecycle Management
  • SMTC E-plenishment –b2b program with suppliers

SMTC’s global logistics network leverages inventory management programs, distribution hubs, and worldwide distribution services to support the manufacture and distribution of products worldwide.

We do what is required to ensure the efficient movement and full visibility of materials and products by:

  • Working with trusted, reliable carriers, forwarders and customs brokers
  • Securing competitive pricing through our transportation agreements
  • Maintaining import and export compliance
  • Demanding high standards of performance from our global and regional suppliers through our quarterly supplier score card measures

The procurement process of identifying the right suppliers, negotiating contracts, and executing agreements is a complex business.

Our procurement professionals are focused on collaborating with our customers and the right suppliers to reduce costs, accelerate their time to market and streamline their supply chain processes. Our integrated supply chain system differentiates SMTC, making us unique when it comes to design, delivery and after-market services. We understand and anticipate the product lifecycle. We ensure continuity of supply and always look for opportunities to reduce and avoid costs.

In lean manufacturing environments, success is defined by how fast and how effectively manufacturers can respond to evolving customer demands and new global supply chain conditions. SMTC leverages supply chain tools and systems to respond rapidly and effectively to changing real-world conditions.

Oracle Agile Product Lifecycle Management

SMTC employs Agile PLM solutions software which enables a single enterprise view of the product and part records cross the entire system. This helps customers accelerate new product introduction time, reduce direct material costs and ensure regulatory compliance.

Capabilities Include:

  • Central PDM database
  • Multiformat customer data compatibility
  • Component life cycle management
  • ECO management and ECO histories
  • Common system and processes across SMTC
  • Automated feed to downstream systems

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