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Electronic Manufacturing & Integration Services

Electronic Manufacturing & Integration Services

While we are experts in electronics manufacturing services, our customers look to us to provide valuable resources and insight necessary to help them grow. Our team understands lean manufacturing and deploys business management strategies to improve manufacturing processes while eliminating defects. Our Technical Services group of highly experienced engineers provides recommendations on testing and additional steps necessary to protect the final electronic product. Each of our facilities is dedicated to system assembly and box build services. SMTC even provides order fulfillment services including direct order processing, pick and pack and final product configuration.

We have a proven record of guiding manufacturers throughout the entire electronics manufacturing process. From simple designs to complex system integration, SMTC provides the end-to-end electronics manufacturing services necessary to compete in a global marketplace.

Every year more of our customers ask us to transition to levels of manufacturing and test support beyond just the printed circuit board. By supporting more box builds and higher levels of integration and test we are freeing-up their resources to focus on more new products and core OEM issues.

SMTC is an established leader in enclosure manufacturing, building some of the most complex and valuable electronic and mechanical products in our chosen markets. We provide custom build metal fabrication, assembly enclosures, cable and harness assembly as well as full system integration and testing for multiple industries.

Our larger-scale systems manufacturing handles a wide range of system and subsystem assemblies, from Integration Level 2 (electrical and mechanical subassembly and test) through to Level 5 (full integration/box-build, configuration-to-order and end customer drop-ship).We offer a broad range of vertically integrated manufacturing services that can be customized to meet both customer and supply chain requirements.

We strive to exceed customer expectations in quality, delivery, reliability and service as we build a productive relationship based on exceptional customer satisfaction.

Solutions, Services & Capabilities:

  • Precision metal and enclosure fabrication
  • Cable & Harness Assembly
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Complex Electro-Mechanical System Integration & Test (SIT)
  • Electromechanical assembly
  • Backplane production
  • Pre-configuration
  • Advanced system-level integration, testing and box-build
  • Order fulfillment

SMTC provides a dedicated and focused approach to new product introduction and time to market. We have formed New Product Introduction Technical Centers to complement our strengths in engineering solutions, manufacturing solutions, supply chain solutions and transition management.

We provide fast-track processes for NPI purchasing and logistics. And these are combined with effective tracking and customer-focused progress reporting. Our facilities follow the same standardized and controlled processes. The NPI team is focused on the timely transition of customer builds into production. This allows production to ramp up in a localized facility, then quickly transition to a higher volume, lower cost facility in Mexico or China.

Solutions, Services & Capabilities:

  • NPI Planning & KPI Dashboard
  • Supplier/Component Selection, Qualification and Optimization
  • Product Development & Production Pricing Models
  • Design for Manufacturability & Test Strategy
  • Rapid Procurement & Rapid Prototype Production

Printed circuit board assembly and testing is at the heart of our manufacturing services, and we offer the latest in materials, board sizes and finishes to improve performance. Our complete range of electrical and mechanical testing for cables, harnesses, PCBAs, subassemblies and systems are designed to meet our customer’s requirements and specifications.

PCBA Manufacturing

Our PCBA-based product manufacturing handles a wide range of assemblies, from single PCB assemblies to PCBAs integrated into box-build enclosures.

  • SMT, PTH, mixed technology
  • Ultra fine pitch, QFP, BGA, uBGA, CBGA
  • Advanced SMT assembly
  • Automated insertion of PTH (axial, radial, dip)
  • No clean, aqueous and lead-free processing
  • RF manufacturing expertise
  • Peripheral process capabilities
  • Pressfit back planes & mid planes
  • Device programming
  • Automated conformal coating

Functional Testing Capabilities

Our comprehensive testing includes in-circuit testing, automated optical inspection (AOI) and Agilent 5DX inspection, which provides vital feedback that facilitates timely adjustments. Then functional and application testing are performed to individual customer specifications before rigorous environmental stress screening verifies product reliability.

When it comes to introducing a new product, SMTC’s suite of functional and testing capabilities ensures that we are building it right the first time, and delivering a solution that exceeds expectations.

  • Flying head probe/fixture-less test
  • AXI –2D and 3D automated X-ray inspection
  • AOI –automated optical inspection
  • ICT –in-circuit test
  • ESS –environmental stress screening
  • EVT –environmental verification testing
  • FT –functional and system test
  • CTO –configure-to-order
  • Diagnostic and failure analysis

SMTC process management planning pulls together the knowledge, skills, tools and systems required to meet the unique requirements of every customer. Our end-to-end solutions use state-of-the-art equipment at each phase of the process.

Our process management expertise addresses:

  • Process flow
  • Engineering specifications
  • Control parameters
  • Supplier performance measurements
  • Process capability measurements
  • Process quality detractors
  • Rolled yield product performance

SMTC applies best-in-class quality programs, processes and metrics to achieve one of the best quality records in the business. We make the effort to fully understand the quality requirements for every customer and we continuously review and improve our quality performance to exceed customer expectations. The safe deployment of products is defined by our ability to professionally execute product recalls, traceability, record retention, and risk management.

Our Quality Certifications and Regulatory Experience:

  • ISO 9001:2015 quality management system standard
  • ISO 14001:2015 environmental management standard
  • ISO 13485:2016 quality management system standard for medical devices
  • IPC-A-610 Class II & Class III and IPC-7711/7721 guidelines
  • UL and CSA standards organizations

As a global low-mid volume, high-mid mix electronics manufacturer, SMTC provides complete assembly solutions through full system integration and box build services, to meet the assembly needs of original equipment manufacturers. SMTC has a support team of global professionals who ensure that every product shipped directly from an SMTC facility meets each customers stringent order fulfillment and logistics demands. We also provide order fulfillment services including direct order processing, pick and pack and full product configuration.