SMTC provides a broad range of Post-Production Services which enables our customers to minimize inventory exposure, eliminate multiple administrative costs, and increase response time to their own customers.

Order Fulfillment Services

  • Fulfillment services and outbound logistics
  • Service parts stocking and fulfillment
  • Reverse logistics
  • Repair and refurbishment
  • Reporting / metrics / visibility solutions

Configuration To Order (CTO) Services

  • High-level configuration
  • Firmware, software loading
  • Testing configurations, handling activation keys
  • Pack Out services: creating labels, accessory kits, packaging and entering SO/SN of all factory installed options

Supply Chain Management and Global Distribution

Our extended supply chain model clearly recognizes the need for collaboration between OEM customers, SMTC and supply partners to ensure overall supply chain optimization. From product design processes, manufacturing, sourcing, order management and fulfillment to transportation and logistics, the end result is greater control over a complex, extended supply chain.

Solutions, Services & Capabilities:

  • Global Sourcing Activities
  • Critical Supply Management
  • Customer Value-Add
  • Component Engineering & Supply Quality

Global Logistics

SMTC’s global logistics network leverages inventory management programs, distribution hubs, and worldwide distribution services to support the manufacture and distribution of products worldwide. We work with trusted, reliable logistics partners to drive efficiencies and deliver tailored logistics solutions to our OEM customers.

Low Cost Migration

Once the product has stabilized within the marketplace, SMTC can implement the “Copy Exact” migration process which allows the customer to increases volumes in lower cost locations while carefully managing operating risk. This Low Cost Migration process allows for a seamless and timely transition of production between facilities, helping customers reach their cost and volume targets.

Warranty and Repair Service

SMTC also provides returns and warranty service. We can adapt to whichever level of extended service is required to suit the customer’s needs. Our solid track record in providing integrated after-market services helps our customers achieve the lowest Total Cost Of Ownership (TCOO), to identify opportunities to improve the next generation of products, and to reduce returns.