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Tien Nguyen

Tien Nguyen

As Vice President & General Manager of our Fremont facility, Mr. Nguyen has over 28 years of dedicated service in the EMS industry.  Mr. Nguyen remarkable journey in the industry began as an NPI Engineer, gradually evolving into the role of an Operational Excellence Management Leader,

Mr. Nguyen has a proven track record, demonstrating unwavering support for customers throughout the entire product lifecycle - from Concept Design to New Product Introduction.  His expertise extends across small to large scale launches, encompassing the seamless transfer of multiple products to low-cost regions, particularly Southeast Asia.  Mr. Nguyen's exceptional ability to foster growth is evident in his track record of successfully nurturing EMS sites from startup to mid and large-scale operations.

Mr. Nguyen’s extensive background encompasses various facts of the industry, including Engineering, Quality, Operations, Systems and Supply Chain. Mr. Nguyen has navigated the intricacies of diverse products and requirements in sectors such as Aerospace, Military, Automotive, Medical and high complexity Industrial domains

Prior to joining SMTC in 2017, Mr. Nguyen held pivotal roles with companies such as SMTEK International, CTS (Benchmark), Piranha EMS, and Plexus.