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Nam Dinh

Nam Dinh

Mr. Dinh is the San Jose Site GM at SMTC Corporation, appointed in November 2021. He is responsible for the Bay Area Milpitas site's overall leadership in manufacturing, engineering, and quality organization.

His passion for delivering the highest quality products to customers led to thirty-eight years of management and numerous awards. He upheld several high-profile executive positions from OEM and CM companies. To give you a glimpse, Mr. Dinh was the Director of Hardware Engineering at HAL/Fujitsu Computer Systems and soon branched out to become the Vice President of Engineering at Acropolis Systems, providing leadership in monitoring requirements (CRM) and corrective action processes for internal departments and customer support teams. From 2008-2017, Mr. Dinh served as the Site General Manager at Oncore Manufacturing in San Jose.

Mr. Dinh then became the CEO of SNA Electronics. Under his leadership, SNA became profitable in just 60 days after aggressively implementing a TRS (Turnaround Recovery Strategies) plan. The TRS included changes in functional leadership, focusing on core business, customer support, process improvements, and asset reduction. Before joining SMTC, Mr. Dinh held a position as Head of Operations at Ibe Electronics. He managed operations, product and process engineering, program management, and the customer support organization. Mr. Dinh has established excellence based on his commitment to customer results. Outside work, he enjoys spending time with his family, outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, camping, and learning and listening to all genres of music.

Mr. Dinh graduated from the Heald Institute of Technology with an Associate Degree in Engineering Technology in 1978.