Nordson YESTECH Investment Improves MC Assembly’s Quality Inspection Capabilities

MC Assembly, a leading mid-tier electronics manufacturing services provider, recently enhanced its inspection capabilities by purchasing and installing a Nordson YESTECH’s FX940 ULTRA 3D Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) machine. This new equipment upgrade allows 3D inspection of printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) for quality control during surface mount technology (SMT) operations.

This investment in SMT inline 3D AOI capability is the first step in incorporating 3D inspection capabilities as part of MC Assembly’s standard service offerings. Previously MC Assembly offered 3D AOI inspection off-line and as an optional service. This new change of incorporating the 3D AOI inline demonstrates MC Assembly’s continues commitment to optimizing quality control and inspection capabilities. MC Assembly plans to upgrade the inspection to 3D AOI machines on all SMT lines in the near future.

“By partnering with top market leaders like YESTECH, MC Assembly is making major improvements in early detection and process control capabilities,” said MC Assembly’s Chief Operations Officer Luis Ramirez. “This additional capability will allow us to provide our customers with complex PCBAs with an additional layer of inspection superior to the industry 2D standard AOI.”

Nordson YESTECH is a leading supplier of automated optical and conformal coat inspection systems for the electronics manufacturing industry. MC Assembly currently uses over 22 YESTECH AOI systems and one X-3 X-ray machine.

With the new FX-940 AOI machine, MC Assembly can provide its customers with cutting-edge 3D technology for the inspection of solder defects, lead defects/lifted leads, component presence and co-planarity of chips, BGAs and other height sensitive devices.

The new machine features Advanced Fusion Lighting and comprehensive inspection tools including angled cameras, full-color digital image processing and both image and rule-based algorithms. The FX-940 ULTRA offers complete inspection coverage with unsurpassed 2D and 3D defect detection. The FX-940 ULTRA provides high-powered inspection with:

  • 12 MP / 5 axis 3D NYTVISION Technology
  • Complete 2D + 3D inspection capabilities
  • One top-down and four side-viewing cameras
  • Automatic programming tools: < 30 minutes
  • High defect coverage / low false failures
  • SPC data collection and reporting