Movers & Shakers Interview with Jake Kulp, VP Sales and Marketing, MC Assembly®

By Lavanya Ram Mohan, Research Analyst, Contract manufacturing and Surface Mount Technology

Jake Kulp – Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Lavanya: Can you provide a brief introduction about MC Assembly and the products/services it offers?

Jake Kulp: MC Assembly is a leading mid tier electronics manufacturing service provider with state of the art production facilities in the United States and Mexico. We offer a wide range of manufacturing, test and engineering support services across a broad market spectrum. Our service offerings include front-end concurrent design (DFX) services; plated through-hole and surface mount printed circuit board assemblies, complex sub-assemblies, complete box builds and warranty / repair services.

Our market place focus is centered on the industrial, medical, aerospace / defense, and networking / telecom industries.

Lavanya: How do you see the electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider market evolving in the next 5-10 years, especially since the recovery and on track growth potential?

Jake Kulp: I see continued growth in various low cost regions in the world with a move to stabilize various positions within the United States. I see continued consolidation in the industry, such as the one we just saw announced between Benchmark Electronics and Pemstar. The EMS community is becoming better judges of their business opportunities in this global market, by taking the time to manage their risk assessments (materials and terms) and determining geographical decisions that are much more sustainable over the long term, with regards to where components are purchased as well as where end products are manufactured.