The welfare of our employees continues to be a top priority for SMTC. We have been closely monitoring the current public health challenge linked to the coronavirus and we are applying all recommended health and hygiene practices to all aspects of our operations in the affected markets. These health and safety measures are conducted in tandem with the efforts implemented by the Chinese Government. We are also working with the local and global governments to facilitate the necessary preparations for our employees to safely return to work in Hong Kong, and China. The operation schedules for our facilities and global logistics will follow the recommendations of the local governments.  As a matter of policy and for reasons of commercial sensitivity, we do not comment on our specific production facilities, nor the status other than we are working closely with global logistics, and governments to ensuring we follow the recommended practices required.  Thank you, we will be updating status regularly through our web cast.

Rich Fitzgerald
Chief Operating Officer
SMTC Corporation

Information on the CDC’s (USA Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) Travel Advisory updates can be found here.