Tools & Systems

In lean manufacturing environments, success is defined by how fast and how effectively manufacturers can respond to evolving customer demands and new global supply chain conditions. SMTC leverages supply chain tools and systems to respond rapidly and effectively to changing real-world conditions.


SMTC employs Agile Product Lifecycle Management solutions software to help OEMs accelerate revenue, reduce costs, improve quality, ensure compliance, and drive innovation throughout the product lifecycle. Agile provides comprehensive support for product lifecycle business processes, platform and integration requirements.  Agile enables a single enterprise view of the product and part records cross the entire system, helping customers accelerate new product introduction time, reduce direct material costs and ensure regulatory compliance.

Capabilities Include:

  • Central PDM database
  • Multiformat customer data compatibility
  • Component life cycle management
  • ECO management and ECO histories
  • Common system and processes across SMTC
  • Automated feed to downstream systems

Kinaxis RapidResponse

Kinaxis RapidResponse is a powerful, integrated Response Management tool that allows supply chain professionals to access real-time information and enable collaboration across extended supply networks. The tool allows SMTC to perform real-time demand scenario simulation, review supply constraints, perform rapid MRP, and communicate changes in requirements to suppliers - all on the same day.

With RapidResponse, SMTC teams achieve high levels of supply chain agility, with immediate response to changes in demand, supply, capacity and daily operations.  The platform enables real-time supply chain visibility and on-line collaboration anywhere in the world.  SMTC gains the insight needed to quickly and effectively respond to a wide variety of supply chain challenges    

Capabilities include:

  • Off-line MPS simulation
  • Constraint analysis
  • Visibility to supplier on hand inventories through SMTC's e-plenishment supplier b2b program
  • Clear to build (CTB) analysis
  • Same day execution of MRP and order actions
  • Feeds into inventory & supply base liabilities dashboard
  • BIC Process for medium through high mix product lines
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