System Integration & Test + Box Build

Building the Best Integrated Systems & Test + Box Build

As a global low-mid volume, high-mid mix electronics manufacturer, SMTC provides full system integration solutions to meet the assembly needs of original equipment manufacturers in the industrial & commercial, computing & networking, communication & instrumentation, consumer & high-tech electronics, medical & life science and power & energy markets worldwide.

In addition providing printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) capabilities, SMTC provides complete solutions through full systems assembly and box build services.

Increasingly, original equipment manufacturers are turning to SMTC to provide full urn-key solutions. SMTC supports its assembly and box build services with a global team of professionals who ensure that every product shipped directly from an SMTC facility meets each customers stringent order fulfillment and logistics demands. Each of the SMTC manufacturing facilities offers dedicated professionals specializing in system assembly and box build services. We also provide order fulfillment services including direct order processing, pick and pack and full product configuration.

SMTC is committed to providing its customers with systems integration services beyond electronics assembly.

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