Quality Manufacturing Systems

Exceptional quality is the foundation of operational excellence.

SMTC applies best-in-class quality programs, processes and metrics to achieve one of the best quality records in the business. We make the effort to fully understand the quality requirements for every customer and we continuously review and improve our quality performance to exceed customer expectations.

All SMTC sites are registered to the ISO-9001 quality management system standard, ISO 14001 environmental management standards and ISO-13485:2003 certification.  The ISO 13485:2003 ia an internationally recognized quality management system and standard for the manufacture of medical devices. SMTC must provide risk management strategies and protocols in line with the ISO-13485:2003 standard and customer requirements.Strategies should detail processes and daily handling routines.

SMTC builds PCB assemblies according to IPC-A-610 Class II & Class III and IPC-7711/7721 guidelines. We also work closely with standards organizations such as UL and CSA, in compliance with customer requirements.

The safe deployment of products is defined by our ability to professionally execute product recalls, traceability, record retention, and risk management.SMTC can provide complete contact information for suppliers for traceability.  The exact time, date, and technical personnel that handled the product is recorded as well as detailed track-record of suppliers.  Thorough records on file are always maintained.

All SMTC sites use Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM), a common quality management platform. The CIM System tracks quality assurance processes in real-time and reports on all steps in the manufacturing process.

We use a customer-centric, team-based approach to quality assurance.Dedicated professionals work with our customers to determine key quality requirements, and where applicable, they ensure suppliers adhere to those standards as well.

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