Product Design

We take pride in our manufacturing excellence. Our design services team optimizes product design for maximum performance, higher yields, and faster time-to-market. The bottom line? We help our customers become more profitable and more competitive.

We've got the entire product life cycle covered.

Early in product development cycle, SMTC Design Services includes:

  • Requirement and specification development
  • Feasibility investigations
  • Simulation and prototyping
  • Final Design and validation

As products mature, SMTC provides comprehensive value engineering services to reduce costs without compromising quality.

When products near their end-of-life, SMTC ensures that hard-to-source components are always available, thanks to our sustaining engineering, warranty repair and supply chain management systems. We also mitigate all risks associated with declining inventories.

SMTC's product design excellence helps our customers minimize their component count, reduce costs and improve quality.

SMTC product design services and expertise include:

  • Embedded systems design
  • Mechanical design
  • Printed circuit board layout
  • Analog and digital circuit design
  • Power electronics
  • Compliance/regulatory testing

SMTC engineers quickly solve product design and compliance issues, while adhering to the highest technical standards and paying meticulous attention to detail.

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