New Product Introduction

From Concept Design to Prototyping to Mass Production: Our Talent of Experience and Knowledge to the New Product Introduction Process

SMTC has formed New Product Introduction Technical Centers to compliment our strengths in engineering solutions, manufacturing solutions, supply chain solutions and transition management

SMTC provides a dedicated and focused approach to new product introduction and time to market. We provide fast-track processes for NPI purchasing and logistics. And these are combined with effective tracking and customer-focused progress reporting. Our procurement professionals are focused on collaborating with our customers and suppliers to reduce costs, accelerate their time to market and streamline their supply chain processes. Our integrated supply chain system differentiates SMTC, making us unique when it comes to design, delivery and after-market services. We understand and anticipate the product lifecycle. We ensure continuity of supply and always look for opportunities to reduce and avoid costs.

NPI is a vital cross-functional business process. It enables new products to be manufactured and addresses their entire lifecycle from conception to end-of-life.

SMTC New Product Introduction Solutions

  • NPI Planning & KPI Dashboard
  • Supplier/Component Selection, Qualification and Optimization
  • Product Development & Production Pricing Models
  • Design for Manufacturability & Test Strategy
  • Rapid Procurement & Rapid Proto-type Production

Our facilities use the same manufacturing equipment and systems, and follow the same standardized and controlled processes. The NPI team is focused on the timely transition of customer builds into production. This allows production to ramp up in a localized facility, then quickly transition to a higher volume, lower cost facility in Mexico or China. SMTC customers receive regular progress updates and have access to real-time performance metrics.

NPI tools include

  • Assembly systems
  • Pick and place
  • Automated thru-hole
  • Fiber optic splicing
  • Inspection and test systems
  • Flying head probe
  • Automated X-Ray inspection (AXI)
  • Automated optical inspection
  • Environmental stress screening
  • Development services
  • Functional test development
  • ICT development
  • NCI/NPI services DFM/DFT
  • Mechanical design & fixturing
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