Global supply chain visibility is becoming increasingly important, particularly when manufacturing solutions move offshore. With supply chains lengthening, acquiring visibility of products in transit is an important step in logistical management. 

We do what is required to ensure the efficient movement of materials, on time, every time and we ensure we have full visibility of shipments to minimize risks.

SMTC's global logistics network leverages inventory management programs, distribution hubs, and worldwide distribution services to support the manufacture and distribution of products worldwide. 

We work with trusted, reliable carriers, forwarders and customs brokers and secure competitive pricing through our transportation agreements. And we maintain import and export compliance, according to special foreign trade agreements such as NAFTA and other specific country requirements.

We also demand high standards of performance from our global and regional suppliers. Our quarterly supplier score card measures quality, on-time delivery, pricing competitiveness, escalations and overall service and support.

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