Test Development

ICT Development

In-Circuit Test (ICT) development is managed out of our corporate offices and works with the site teams to ensure the specifications identified within the SMTC proposal are carried out to the equipment we develop.  SMTC's Design for Testability guidelines are used as reference to performing ICT Programming and fixturing.  Development process uses Test Expert as the CAD preparation tool.  Standard ICT tests includes (test coverage will be based on access):  Solder opens, shorts, missing, de-populate verification, continuity, capacitive probe testing, analog measurements, power up/regulators tests, digital testing for glue logic devices, crystal measurements and basic boundary scan.  Custom ICT tests includes:  Cluster testing, LED/Sensors optical tests, device programming, functional test, XOR/NAND test vectors, custom digital device library/vectors, connector tests and full JTAG (chain testing).  Test Coverage reports are generated for each application to highlight quality risks to other process steps

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Finite Element Analysis evaluates the stress induced on the PCB by ICT test points. This evaluation will ensure that forces are distributed evenly on the PCB, which will prevent the PCB to flex over its limits.  FEA is performed strictly with data and does not require a gold card or fixture.  Analysis is included with SMTC ICT development or can be requested separately.  In cases of third party fixtures (not developed by SMTC) and no fixture data is available, the placement of pressure fingers cannot be determined.  The main FEA forces still come from the actual test probes but there is some degree of affect from the static pressure fingers and should be considered.

Functional Test Development

Complete, precise and dependable test results can ultimately reduce costs, reduce downtime and improve yields. SMTC test engineers apply the most advanced, automated test equipment and processes to satisfy even the most complex OEM test requirements.  Our test expertise encompasses the full array of technologies present in todays PCBA-based products, including high-speed digital, RF, precision analog, power, thermal, and optical.  Our in-house expertise enables us to provide custom test development services to our customers and to implement their product-specific tests.

SMTC test development capabilities include

  • Flying head probe/fixture-less test
  • AXI - 2D and 3D automated x-ray inspection
  • AOI - automated optical inspection
  • ICT - in-circuit test
  • ESS - environmental stress screening
  • EVT - environmental verification testing
  • FT - functional and system test
  • CTO - configure-to-order
  • Diagnostic and failure analysis
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