Demand Management

Effective demand management optimizes materials availability, supply base performance and overall liability management. At SMTC, we recognize the need to deploy people, processes and technology, as well as extensive customer communication and visibility, to ensure effective demand management execution.

People Processes Technology

  • Customer focused Program Coordinator (PC)
  • Customer focused Supply Chain Managers
  • Central team to support systems, tools and processes


  • SMTC MPS demand change process
  • Demand simulation and constraint analysis toolset
  • Demand change impact statements
  • Inventory and supply base liabilities dashboard


  • Kinaxis RapidResponse
  • Agile and SCDB
  • SMTC E-plenishment - b2b program with suppliers

The result: Real time analysis, feedback and implementation of changes in customer and end-market demand. Rapid communication to suppliers of changes in requirements, and a truly responsive end-to-end supply chain.  

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