Computing & Networking

SMTC is recognized throughout the industry as providing innovative and first-class electronics manufacturing services to computing companies around the world. As a highly recognized company in the EMS industry, we provide customers with end-to-end solutions for computing manufacturing services, with facilities that cover a large global footprint. Our complete, vertically integrated solution creates value that increases our customers competitiveness.

High performance computing is a sign of our times. As businesses expand, they look for ways to add computing capacity to meet increased customer demand. Performance is the primary purchase factor. Our computing customers count on us to help them reduce their time-to-market with innovative product solutions, reduce their cost of ownership and operational risk and ultimately improve their profitability.

Our Product Expertise

  • Professional audio and video processing and distribution systems
  • Handheld internet access devices (Palm)
  • High-end storage devices
  • Office printers, networked production and industrial printing systems
  • Mid-range servers and computing systems
  • Electronic display systems
  • Financial terminals with biometric authentication
  • Digital media systems
  • Supercomputing and cloud computing platforms
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